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".....the incense, especially the Dragon's Blood, smells wonderful!" - Kalaya, Surrey, British Columbia

"Just a quick note to let you know that I am very happy with my new order of incense sticks and the quick and prompt service. Thank you again" - Crafters' Hollow - Deming NM

"Scentual Moods is one of the best, if not the very best site I have found for incense. When I mentioned that I had a favorite scent in mind, he actually made it for me! The service is personable and the delivery is fast! I highly recommend this site, you won't be disappointed." - Sherry - Lomita, CA

"I have almost tried every incense scent. I have been continuously amazed with the quality and freshness of both the 19" and 11" incense sticks. My customers are continuously commenting on the richness of the scents and the extra long burning time. They burn at least double the time of other incense sticks that are made with all colouring and alcohol." - PHETISCH International, Red Deer, AB Canada

"Scentual Moods is a great business that will make it to the top with proper marketing. They provide the best customer service, order processing time and items. I really recommend this site to people." - Sergio - Miami, FL



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