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Wholesale Incense Sticks

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These sticks are made fresh to order and 11" sticks burn for approximately 1 hour. 19" sticks burn for 4-5 hours. Our incense is hand soaked and packaged fresh . Our 11” sticks, and 19” sticks come either pre-packaged with the Scentual Moods logo or sold in bulk packs of for self serve displays. All wholesale products are priced for large profit margins for you. Suggested retail for the pre-packaged incense is $2.50—$3.00 each for a pack of 11” sticks.

5 packs (of 20) 11in sticks Incense Sticks $6.95

100 bulk 11in Incense Sticks $4.75

5 packs (of 10) 19in Incense Sticks $6.95

50 bulk 19in Incense Sticks $4.75


"The incense arrived just before leaving the house to go on a short vacation. This is a must for travellers, it gave the hotel room a wonderful aroma, got rid of the stale smoke, and cleaning agents that they use. They even made a comment, how good the room smelled. It also helped with the romantic side of the getaway." Thanks much - Joan M.

"Just a quick note to let you know that I am very happy with my new order of incense sticks and the quick and prompt service. Thank you again" - Crafters' Hollow - Deming NM

".....the incense, especially the Dragon's Blood, smells wonderful!" - Kalaya, Surrey, British Columbia

"I have almost tried every incense scent. I have been continuously amazed with the quality and freshness of both the 19" and 11" incense sticks. My customers are continuously commenting on the richness of the scents and the extra long burning time. They burn at least double the time of other incense sticks that are made with all colouring and alcohol." PHETISCH International, Red Deer, AB



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